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Celebrity Endorsement A Literature Review

2.0 Literature Review 2.1 Celebrity Endorsement 2.1.1 Celebrity Endorsement and the Selection of Celebrity Endorser Celebrity endorsement is a common and widely-used marketing strategy to promote brand awareness, brand recognition and product sales by using celebrities with well-known reputation and influence (McCracken, 1989).

  • Although the literature on celebrity endorsement is abundant and complex, few studies have provided a review of this issue. Our article thus seeks to complement this dearth of studies by presenting a critical, prospective, and.

  • Individuals can change, and endorsement relations can sour. In a sense, celebrity endorsement strategy can be a two-edged sword, which makes selecting a celebrity endorser from innumerable alternatives in the presence of potential pitfalls very challenging. In order to ease this challenge, this paper explores the celebrity endorsement literature.

  • To cite this article: B. Zafer Erdogan (1999) Celebrity Endorsement: A Literature Review, Journal of Marketing Management, 15:4, 291-314, DOI: 10.1362/026725799784870379

Celebrity Endorsement A Literature Review - Essay Help 24x7

Celebrity Endorsement A Literature Review - Essay Help 24x7

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